Volunteer for the Book Sale

  • Posted by: Marcy Lechner

Our group of Volunteers, from the Friends to high school students and scouts, to community members to those looking to fulfill community service hours, All make our book sale happen. Thank you in advance for signing up to help during the sale.

46th Annual Spring Book Sale Job Descriptions

First time volunteers we welcome you to read each job description and select one that suits you. Returning volunteers please sign up for your favorite job. Click here to sign up.




  • Keep the cash box attended to at all times.
  • Consult the price list on the checkout table.
  • Check new or unusual books on the inside of the book for special pricing.
  • For bills over $20 consult with the Floor Manager.
  • All checks require a telephone number. Checks over $50 write down the driver’s license.
  • Transfer the cash box to your cashier replacement at the end of your shift.
  • Consult with the Floor Manager with any questions.




  • Remain at the designated security post assigned to you by the Floor Manager.
  • Contact the Assistant Floor Manager when you like a break from your post.
  • Invite patrons to use the clearly marked entrances and exits.
  • Direct anyone attempting to leave with merchandise but without a checkout slip (usually a pink slip) to the cashier’s desk.
  • Direct questions concerning pricing to the Floor Manager.


Customer Support


  • Assist customers as needed.
  • Straighten up book displays as needed and move books from the floor to the table tops as space becomes available.
  • Help out security as needed.




  • Sort books in the hall by category and place them in the designated boxes by category.
  • Place all hardcover fiction books in the wall tables in the main room by author alphabetical by last name and stacked in piles.
  • Sort fiction paper back and trade size books by author alphabetical in boxes labeled A, B. C.  No need to alphabetize each book. Paperbacks and trade books have their own sections.
  • Sort American history, world history, military and political science at the end of the hall.
  • Fill boxes in front of specified areas when bookshelves and tables fill up.
  • When shelving, only small light books can go on top of bookcases.


Floor Manager


  • Greet new shift as they arrive. Make sure they pick up name badge, sign in and verify email address. Remind volunteers that refreshments are available in the kitchen.
  • Review instructions with volunteers.
  • Make book price decision if needed.
  • Approve checks or acceptance of large bills.
  • Help treasurer count money, if necessary.


Last Floor Manager of the Day


  • Before closing, make sure the kitchen is clean and the coffee pot unplugged.
  • Remind Isaac to change the dates on the sign.
  • Escort treasurer to car if necessary.
  • Sign off on service hours for teens fulfilling requirements.

To sign up for a shift click here.