Friends Volunteer @ FREE Market

  • Posted by: marcylechner
(Picture Courtesy of The Westfield Leader)

The Friends volunteered at the Free Market

sponsored by the Westfield Green Team on

Saturday, September 26. We did what we do best,

managing the book donation portion of the event.

Countless books were donated by

community members. We sorted out the moldy

and unreadable books, organized the books into

children and adult sections and helped people find

books during the Pick Up portion of the event.

(Book sale volunteers, sound familiar?)

The best part was all of the books were

FREE. So many people were thrilled with the

wonderful selection and volume of books they took

home. One of the best parts of the event, Green

Drop took away all of the leftover books.

Participating in the community event was a

great opportunity to meet book lovers in town. Be

assured we handed out a bunch of Friends

brochures. Many thanks to our volunteers that day:

Carol and Jerry Skotnicki, Anita Meyer, Cindy

Colicchio, Christine Mason, Joan Sanborn, Lori

Wendler, Suzanne O’Rourke, Mary Ellen O’Boyle,

Paul Sanderson and Barbara Uhr.