Friends of the Library are accepting ongoing applications for its scholarships, which are designed to assist individuals who wish to further their studies in library-related fields.

Those eligible are Westfield residents or those working in the town, such as teachers in the local schools or library employees. Scholarships, of $1,000 or more will be offered, with the monies going directly to the educational institution where a recipient is enrolled in a credit-bearing course.

Click here to download the application, or pick one up inside the entrance to the library at 550, East Broad Street or by contacting Dr. Tina Lesher, Friends’ scholarship chairman, at

Scholarship Q&A

Are the scholarships open to those teaching in Westfield schools?
Yes. Individuals working in Westfield are eligible. If a teacher wanted to take library-related certification classes or courses, he/she could apply for scholarship monies to cover or help cover tuition costs.

What about  Westfield residents/employees, even graduating high school seniors,  who plan to major in library science or information literacy enroute to a library-related career?
We welcome them to submit applications  for studies that will prove beneficial in future library posts.

Can the scholarship money be given to the recipient to use for books, etc. instead of for tuition?
No. The Friends of Westfield Memorial Library will send a check for the scholarship amount to the college or university where the applicant is enrolled.

What about online courses?
As long as the scholarship winners enroll in library-related courses in accredited programs, there is no problem with seeking funds for online classes.

Can an applicant seek a scholarship to pay for a continuing education class?
No. The classes must be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit.

Must applicants have a demonstrated need of financial assistance to secure a scholarship grant?
No.  The scholarship committee will look at all aspects of the candidates’ applications in determining who best to choose as recipients.

What is the deadline for sending in an application?
As there is no set deadline, applications will be received throughout the year. It is expected that applicants will send in the forms in time to be considered for the beginning of their anticipated studies

Julie McGeough, Scholarship Recipient, with Suzanne O’Rourke (L) and Dr. Tina Lesher (R)

Rachel Kennedy, Scholarship Recipient, with Christine Mason (L) & Cindy Colicchio (R)

Victoria Pawlicki, Scholarship Recipient, Cindy Colicchio (L) & Christine Mason (R)